• Appointment Setting
    Have your business running efficient! Your sales force is there to sell. Have our specialists set up leads so that your sales force isn’t using up their time seeking out appointments and giving basic familiarization of the company’s products/services. As a result, your team will be focused on spending quality time with pre-screened, qualified po
  • Lead Generation
    You have a great product or service, what now? You need to create an exclusive bank of leads that match your target demographic(s). Have our team of specialist assist you in finding the right customers for your organization - this way you can focus your sales efforts in selling instead of searching through expensive databases.
  • Call Center
    Outsourcing a call center is an amazing way of improving sales and maintaining positive relationships with existing clientele. Let our experienced professionals assist you in continuing your company’s excellence by providing your business with effective outbound calls and top-notch customer service inbound calls.
  • Help Desk / Tech Support
    Keep your business on track by having customer inquires answered by a friendly team of knowledgeable experts. Choose specialized professionals that would be a perfect fit for your company. You stay in control – having the options to listen in on calls, speaking with the supervising staff and having a close connection with the technical support themsel
  • Chat Services
    Avoid the costs of having an over-the-phone team when you can provide customer service over internet chat services. This is a very efficient and streamlined way of keeping support available to your valuable customers. Having the right people behind the scenes on your chat service will grow trust and reliability in your brand.
  • Telemarketing
    Attaining new clients and keeping in touch with past accounts is crucial. The avenue of telemarketing is a very cost-efficient process when outsourced. Vendorfind’s experienced telemarketing teams are ready to get your business into the next gear. Customize all the details of this project from how many people and creating a custom script in order to p
  • Answering Services
    You work hard to get your business off the ground. When things take off – they get moving fast, and the calls start coming in. As you continue your success, you shouldn’t be slowed down by high volumes of incoming calls. You are able to receive a messaging service that would screen calls and take messages or transfer to specific phone lines. 24/